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Urban Landscape
Mount Washington


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This suite of images comes from a larger body of work I have come to refer to as, "Fading Places". Many of the places and structures I once stood before are now gone. During my twenty-plus year journey in photography I have come to discover that nothing is permanent. Making a photograph is, on some level, to acknowledge that loss is inevitable.

Places seem to find me. They draw me to isolated, sometimes lonely, melancholic back streets and dwellings. I often have feelings of angst in some of these desolate places, perhaps identifying with those who struggle and for whom the American Dream has gone unrealized. I feel the power and sad beauty of these places.

I am passionately interested in "America" during a time of unprecedented sprawl and homogenization. Part of this work reflects my desire to preserve cultural and socially referential vestiges unique during my lifetime.

My tool of choice is the large format camera, including a vintage 11 x 14" view camera that originated from M.G.M. Studios. A contact image is made directly from the original negative - no enlargement is involved. Most of my work is made from 8 X 10" negatives. My intention is simply to describe https://spbguru.ru/ or things as they are.

Peter Bosco, M.F.A.
December 2007

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